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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.30

Version 4.30

Released on 30 Jun 2008

1. Added new world configuration to specify the window name of your external editor. If specified, and you edit a script, plugin, or plugin state file with an external editor, MUSHclient will attempt to bring that window to the front.

This is to work around the annoying problem, that with some editors the editor opens the file, but stays deactivated.

At present there is no GUI setting for this, you must execute the script command below. Once done it is saved to the world file, and doesn't need to be done again.

Use an empty string for cancelling this option.

For example:

SetAlphaOption ("editor_window_name", "Crimson Editor")

2. Added ability to configure the shift+tab completion menu (when used in the Command window).

At present, if you type a partial script function name and hit shift+tab it will complete the function, as an aid to writing scripts, eg.

col<shift+tab> suggests ColourNameToRGB, ColourNote and ColourTell.

Now you can add items of your own to the list (for example, Python functions).

To do this, use the ShiftTabCompleteItem script function for each additional word.

For example:

ShiftTabCompleteItem ("repeat")
ShiftTabCompleteItem ("until")
ShiftTabCompleteItem ("while")

You should use the correct capitalization that you want in the finished word.

Words must start with a letter, and then be alphanumeric (A-Z, a-z, 0-9) plus period, underscore, hyphen.

You can use three special words for additional control:

ShiftTabCompleteItem ("<clear>") --> clears the list of user-added items
ShiftTabCompleteItem ("<nofunctions>") --> suppresses the completion of script function names (like ColourTell)
ShiftTabCompleteItem ("<functions>") --> allows the completion of script function names

These items are not saved in the world file, they should be loaded each time.

3. Added a check for the presence of DirectSoundCreate in dsound.dll, in an attempt to stop MUSHclient crashing on systems that do not have DirectSound installed.

4. Added new GetInfo selectors for determining various sizes:

249: Main frame window height
250: Main frame window width
251: Main toolbar window height
252: Main toolbar window width
253: Game toolbar window height
254: Game toolbar window width
255: Activity toolbar window height
256: Activity toolbar window width
257: Info bar window height
258: Info bar window width
259: Status bar window height
260: Status bar window width
261: World window non-client height
262: World window non-client width
263: World window client height
264: World window client width

5. Added make_world function to getworld.lua - this lets you script the creation of a minimal world file.

6. Added trim function to commas.lua - this lets you trim leading and trailing spaces from a string.

7. Added new world options - only available as script commands:

SetOption ("auto_resize_minimum_lines", 2) --> minimum lines for auto-resizing command window
SetOption ("auto_resize_maximum_lines", 20) --> maximum lines for auto-resizing command window

These are to control the behaviour of the auto-command-line-resize option, added recently.

You enable that with:

SetOption ("auto_resize_command_window", 1) --> make command window auto-resize

SetOption ("do_not_add_macros_to_command_history", 1) --> do not put macros into command history

This is so that hitting a macro does not make it appear in command history. For example if you have F2 set up to "bash" and F3 to "kick" and then type "kill kobold", and jab away at F2 and F3 until the kobold is dead, you really only want to have "kill kobold" sitting in the command history, especially if you have to kill another one immediately.

8. Added new script function: NotepadReadOnly

This lets you specify that a particular notepad window is to be read-only.


NotepadReadOnly ("helpwindow", true)

This is intended for notepad windows that are generated as "help" or similar windows, which are not intended to be changed.

You should call NotepadReadOnly *after* changing the notepad contents, it appears that adding to the notepad window cancels the read-only status.

9. Changed the way the output window is redrawn. For a discussion see:


What this does, or should do, is remove flicker when auxilliary windows are drawn (for example, maps, scores, equipment lists) to the extent that the new window is the same as the old one.

10. Notepad windows that are marked read-only will not display an asterisk in the tab (if tabs are active), indicating the document has changed.

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