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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.29

Version 4.29

Released on 23 Jun 2008

1. Removed the adding of a space after tab-completion (added in version 4.28). There was already that option available under the "tab completion" dialog.

2. Changed tab-completion slightly, as suggested by Worstje in the forum post below.

Now, if you are halfway through a word and press tab, it no longer does nothing, but rather:

* tab-completes prior to the cursor in the usual way
* adds a space to break up the completed word from the word to the right (it does this regardless of whether or not you have the option to add a space set in the commands configuration).



3. Added a new option (currently only available by a script command, but not in the GUI), that lets you auto-resize your command window. If set, the command window resizes itself as you type to exactly hold the current contents, up to 20 lines of it. For example, you start with a single line, as it fills up, the window expands to two lines, if you paste a few lines, it expands some more, if you delete some text, it contracts, and so on.

To activate this, use the script interface to execute on of these functions:

SetOption ("auto_resize_command_window", 1) --> activate it
SetOption ("auto_resize_command_window", 0) --> deactivate it

For example, this alias would do it:

<send>SetOption ("auto_resize_command_window", 1)</send>

Once activated, the option is saved to the world file, you don't need to do it each time. There is a bit of a "fudge factor" built into the code. If the resizing does not work for you please advise which operating system you are using, and exactly which font (and size font) you are using in the command window area.

4. Fixed bug where SetCommandWindowHeight would crash MUSHclient if run on an inactive window.

5. Changed the "Next" column in the timer list to show when the timer would fire as an interval (eg. "10 s") rather than the time of day. The time of day was only really useful if you knew what the PC thought the time was, whereas an interval will always be correct. The time to go is shown as days, hours, minutes or seconds, depending which is largest. (For example, "5 h" for 5 hours or more to go (but less than 6 hours), "15 m" for 15 minutes, "8 s" for 8 seconds).

The column may also show "-" for a time that has passed. That might happen if timers are disabled (and thus won't fire) but the time they would have fired has passed.

6. Changed the way the PlaySound function works, now each time you call PlaySound it frees up any sound buffers that have stopped playing. This will save memory, and makes the reallocation of buffers (if you request buffer 0) work in a more consistent way.

7. Changed the way the PlaySound function works, in that if you request buffer 0, it only allocates a free buffer from 1 to 5, rather than 1 to 10. This stops clashes with the higher buffer numbers which should be reserved for things like ambient sounds, background music, and other effects. Effectively you should use buffers 1 to 5 for fast, transient sounds (eg. sword hits) and buffers 6 to 10 for longer effects.

8. Global option "all typing goes to the command window" now defaults to on.

9. Global option "regular expression matches an empty line" now defaults to on.

10. Debug Packets (Edit menu) now shows the date/time each packet arrived (or was sent). This can be helpful for debugging time-based things like AFK timers.

11. Added new script function SetToolBarPosition - this lets you script the placement of the toolbars. This is intended for scripted setups of MUSHclient by various MUDs.

12. After a fresh install of MUSHclient, the toolbars are now positioned on the same line, thus wasting less screen space. The Activity toolbar is set to be initially floating.

13. The "welcome to MUSHclient" message is now a candidate for being translated if you are localizing MUSHclient.

14. Added new GetInfo selector (74) which is the default sounds file directory.

15. world.Execute now executes in global script space, even if called from a plugin.

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