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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.25

Version 4.25

Released on 27 May 2008

1. Fixed a major memory leak in Lua scripting. In previous versions, all calls to "world" functions which returned a string (eg. world.GetVariable) would leak memory.

2. Changed MUSHclient startup processing to automatically detect whether it is running on a small or large monitor (a large monitor is defined as one which has a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels or more).

If running on a small monitor, MUSHclient loads resources from the xx_small.dll file where "xx" is the locale code (eg. EN_small.dll).

If running on a large monitor, MUSHclient loads resources from the xx.dll file where "xx" is the locale code (eg. EN.dll).

Both DLLs are supplied in the download.

This primarily affects the size of the dialog boxes in the world configuration. See this forum post for details, and screen shots:


There is no provision for switching resource DLLs "on the fly" if the screen resolution changes while MUSHclient is running.

If you are using a custom DLL (eg. FR.DLL) and do not have the "large" version available simply copy your file to the alternative name (eg. 'copy FR.DLL FR_small.DLL').

3. Fixed the installer slightly, where if you uninstalled MUSHclient some files were not removed correctly because it was trying to delete them from the wrong path.

4. Added two new plugins to the default install:

* Copy_Output.xml
* lua_chat.xml

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