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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.24

Version 4.24

Released on 29 Apr 2008

1. Fixed bug where, if you did an AddTriggerEx or AddTrigger, and had the eOmitFromOutput flag set, then in addition to setting "omit from output" it also set "omit from log". In fact, previous versions erroneously set the "omit from log" flag to whatever "omit from output" was (that is, true or false).

2. Fixed bug where if you received two IAC (hex 0xFF) characters in a row from the MUD, inside an MXP element or entity, MUSHclient would incorrectly report "Unterminated MXP quote" or something similar.

3. Added files strict.lua and commas.lua to the "lua" directory of the MUSHclient release.

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