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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.23

Version 4.23

Released on 18 Mar 2008

1. Made various updates to the help files, particularly to clarify some of the Lua IO functions and how they react to errors.

2. Changed the way script files are loaded to no longer "deny write" in an attempt to fix a reported bug where you cannot edit script files once they have been loaded into MUSHclient.

3. Changed the title of "dummy" worlds (those with IP address to no longer show "[Closed]". After all, they will always be closed.

4. The information that appears when you hover the mouse over a line in the output buffer is now configurable in the Internationalization file (in other words, you can translate or customize it) - search for: mushview.cpp:3602 and mushview.cpp:3594 in file Localize_template.lua.

5. Connection statuses (like "Look up world name") have been added to the Internationalization file - thus they can now be translated.

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