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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.19

Version 4.19

Released on 24 Dec 2007

1. Fixed problem with OnPluginScreendraw callback in a plugin, where it would be called twice when doing a Note.

2. Fixed a problem where, when using Lua scripting, and if you had an error, and "note errors" was checked in the scripting configuration, that sometimes the error would still be shown in a dialog box and not in the output window.

3. The Lua function world.GetWorldWindowPosition now takes an optional second argument. If true, the world window position is reported in screen co-ordinates (that is, relative to the top-left corner of your monitor) rather than the default of relative to the main MUSHclient window. This lets you write plugins (like graphical status bars) that know where the world window is actually on the screen, so they can be drawn to be nearby.

4. Fixed a bug where, when using Wine, the command window, and the notepad window, would have a black background, rather than black text on a white background as is usually the case.

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