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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.18

Version 4.18

Released on 09 Aug 2007

1. When saving numbers with decimal places in them to the XML files (eg. plugins, world files), MUSHclient was converting a decimal point to a comma for locales which use commas as decimal seperators (eg. Dutch regional settings). Now, it saves "correctly" with a period instead of a comma, which is how it expects the format to be when it reads it back in again.

2. Fixed a minor compilation error in statlink.cpp when compiling under more recent versions of Visual C++.

3. Fixed bug where if you had a sound in a trigger, and attempted to add a group (and nothing else) the group name was not saved.

4. Added new script routine GetGlobalOptionList - this returns an array of all of the global option names.

5. Added new script routine GetGlobalOption - this returns (as a variant) the value of one of the global options.

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