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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.14

Version 4.14

Released on 21 Jul 2007

1. Changed the way text resources are loaded so that it is no longer necessary to have a 0x00 byte at the end to terminate them. MUSHclient now uses the length of the resource. This is really an internal change designed to make future resource updates easier.

2. Fixed bug in SaveNotepad where it returned 0 on a successful save, when it should have returned 1.

3. Fixed documentation for SaveNotepad to clarify what the "replace" argument does.

4. Added new script function SendSpecial. This lets you send text to the MUD with four options:

* Echo it (to the output window)
* Queue it (after speedwalks)
* Log it (to log file)
* Add to command history

Effectively this lets you send text to the MUD in ways that other functions (like Send and SendImmediate) may not let you do because of the various combinations of echoing, logging, queuing and command history usage.

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