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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.13

Version 4.13

Released on 21 Jul 2007

1. Fixed some documentation problems in string.format.

2. Added new (recent) selectors to help file for GetInfo.

3. Fixed bug in the way count_locale_usage.lua was written.

4. Fixed bug in the translation routines where it was possible for MUSHclient to go into a loop and overflow the stack. This would particularly happen if you had a metatable on the translation table, and the metatable did something that triggered another translation (like doing utils.appendtonotepad).

5. Added new Lua script routine utils.utf8sub.

This works similarly to string.sub, except that it expects a UTF-8 string as an argument. It correctly pulls out multibyte sequences by column number. For example:

print (utils.tohex (utils.utf8sub (utils.fromhex ("C9B3C9A8C995C9AE"), 1, 2)))

--> C9B3C9A8

The string C9B3C9A8C995C9AE is actually 4 Unicode code points (hex 0273, 0268, 0255, 026E), each taking 2 bytes.

Thus to take "columns 1 to 2" (ie. code points 1 to 2) it has to return 4 bytes, which are the first 2 code points.

6. Added new Lua script routine utils.umsgbox.

This works similarly to utils.msgbox, except that it expects UTF-8 strings as arguments for the message and title of the message box. This is intended to allow you to display Unicode messages.

7. Fixed bug where if a Lua function called as a script callback (eg. OnPluginPacketReceived) was supposed to return a string, and did not return a string (but something else, like a boolean), then MUSHclient would crash with a Lua 'panic'.

8. Updated the serialize.lua file to include "simple" serialization, which produces smaller output for tables that do not refer to themselves or other tables.

9. Added new Lua helper module: copytable.lua. For more details, see:


10. Added new global configuration option "ALT key does not activate menu bar", as suggested in forum posting:


Effectively, if activated, pressing and releasing ALT does not move the focus to the menu bar, which can be annoying if you start typing and get all sorts of menus activated.

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