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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.12

Version 4.12

Released on 17 Jun 2007

1. Added translation points to various places where the status line was set. In particular "Ready" will now be translated.

2. Fixed problem with translating formatted strings, where if there were more than 20 replacement items (probably unlikely) then there was not enough room on the Lua internal stack. Now, it checks and makes room if necessary.

3. More translation points added to other places (eg. various window titles).

4. Corrected bug where the Lua table "error_desc" did not have the translated error messages.

5. Corrected bug where the function world.ErrorDesc did not return the translated error message.

6. Translated error after calling regcomp (compiling regular expression). Not sure where that error will be seen, but hopefully somewhere.

7. Improved the functionality of the Lua debug.debug function. This currently opens a dialog box that allows you to debug Lua scripts interactively, however when you do things like "Show Locals" it was calling world.ColourNote to do so. However sometimes you could invoke the debug.debug function outside the context of a current world. For example:

* the spell checker script
* the notepad "Global Replace" script
* the Internationalization script

Now, MUSHclient detects that ColourNote is not available in those cases, and instead appends scripted ColourNotes to a special "Lua Debugging" notepad window.

8. Added new script function world.TranslateDebug - this lets you call a Debug function in the Localization script. The intention here is to query the localization script for things like translation counts. For example, you might find which messages were being (attempted to be) translated most often.

9. Added new Lua utils functions:

utils.appendtonotepad (title, message, replace)

utils.activatenotepad (title)

These are intended to be used for debugging or displaying information (eg. during development of localization scripts) in a notepad window, which is not related to any particular world.

10. Corrected some documentation errors, particularly for string.format.

11. Fixed bug where, when starting MUSHclient, and you were using a locale other than EN, you would get a message "Failed to load resources file: xxx", when in fact, the file loaded successfully.

12. Added new GetInfo selector - 70. This returns the currently-selected locale code (eg. EN, DE, FR).

This is intended to allow plugin authors to localize their plugins depending on the locale. For example, you might "dofile" a locale-specific file which has messages in it, for each language.

13. Added new items to the table returned by utils.info:

"translator_file" --> the file name of the localization file
"locale" --> the 2 or 3-character locale code

14. Fixed bug where GetInfo (69) returned an empty string, rather than the localization file name.

15. Added extra files to locale directory during the installation:

* locale_notes.txt
* count_locale_usage.lua
* detect_locale_changes.lua

These are intended to help people to localization. The file locale_notes.txt has some explanatory notes.

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