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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.09

Version 4.09

Released on 12 Jun 2007

1. Changed the way that Lua is loaded from an optional DLL to a required one. This is because increasing amounts of MUSHclient are depending on Lua being present:

* Spell checker
* Global Replace dialog in the Notepad
* Filtering of triggers / aliases / timers
* Lua scripting itself (of course)
* Internationalization (added in this version)

This actually simplifies the code a bit, and guarantees that from this version on, users will definitely have access to Lua scripting.

2. Added new selector to GetInfo. GetInfo (69) returns the full pathname of the Localization file which MUSHclient has selected to use, based on the current locale. This is the file to edit (or create), in order to localize messages.

3. Changed documentation for plugin callbacks to mention OnPluginGetFocus, OnPluginLoseFocus and OnPluginTrace.

4. Added a call to MUSHclient startup to get the current "locale". This should set up things like date formats to work correctly.

5. Added internationalization code (preliminary attempt).

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