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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.08

Version 4.08

Released on 10 Jun 2007

1. Added a feature to script errors, where on an error from a plugin or script file (not immediate execution) it attempts to list the line in error, with a few lines before and after it. This helps to put the error into context, particularly if you have thousands of script lines, with included files etc.

This only applies if you are "noting" script errors, not showing them in the dialog box.

It does not apply to "immediate" execution of scripts, which includes:

* scripting in the command window
* scripting in the Immediate script window
* doing "send to script"

In those cases the scripts are usually short, and in any case, you can edit the script (eg. in the Immediate or Send to Script windows) and use "go to line" to go to an error line number.

2. Changed the way that the Help menu -> Functions List works, so that if you position the cursor on something like world.Note (with the cursor somewhere inside "world") then the "Note" function is selected as the word you want help on, not "world".

3. Fixed a bug in ImportXML script function, where if you imported a timer it would not be reset automatically, and would thus fire immediately.

4. Added new script function: GetNotepadList

This returns an array which is a list of all the notepad windows which are open.

5. Changed the script function world.Open so it now functions under Lua as well. However as Lua doesn't use the COM model it simply returns true if it was able to open the file, and false if not.

6. Modified the behaviour of ctrl+click in the output window (which shows a menu of "menu" aliases), so that it no longer checks if you are connected to the world prematurely. Thus, an alias which does something that doesn't require to be connected, will now work.

7. Upgraded PCRE (regular expression matcher) from 7.0 to 7.2. This should fix some obscure problems. It also fixes the problem where using a very long set of alternatives, like this:

(Person1|Person2| .... and so on for 1000 people ... |Person999|Person1000)

... would cause MUSHclient to crash or report an error when compiling the regular expression.

8. Changed serialize.lua file to handle problem with numeric keys in nested tables. See:


9. Added "enable" and "disable" buttons to the plugins list dialog, so you can quickly enable or disable one or more plugins.

Also added another column to the plugins list to show if the plugin is currently enabled or not.

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