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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.07

Version 4.07

Released on 07 May 2007

1. Some minor coding improvements, that won't affect operation (to do with traversing Lua tables).

2. Improved documentation, regarding getting and setting variables. Also clarifing the rules for names of triggers, aliases, etc.

3. When saving a variable, or other multi-line text from a world file (like the "send to" field), tabs are now saved as '	', so that they will be preserved when being read back in.

4. An entity with the value 9 (the tab character) is now allowed when loading an XML file. (eg. 	)

5. When saving variables to the world file (or a plugin state file), the variable contents no longer have the quote symbol saved as '"' as this was not necessary and made the variables unnecessarily hard to read in a text editor.

6. Enabled Ruby scripting. I personally have not had much luck getting Ruby to work, however since all script engines except Lua have the same interface (the Windows Script Interface), then perhaps some Ruby developers can get it to work.

7. Amended the "rex" (PCRE regular expression library, for Lua scripters) to correctly handle duplicate named patterns. Previously, if you set the duplicates option (?J) the table of matching names which was returned may have incorrectly had a name overwritten with false, if the matching pattern was not the last one. Now, providing at least one match for a given name is made, (one of those) matches will be returned for that name.

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