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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.05

Version 4.05

Released on 20 Apr 2007

1. Added new lua auxilliary script file: getstyle.lua

This helps find the style of any column in a triggered line.

See forum thread:


2. Fixed bug where the Display menu -> Text Attributes dialog showed the colour of the character one position to the left of the selected text.

3. Fixed a bug where UTF-8 support was inadvertently dropped for PCRE regular expressions in version 4.03. It has now been added back in.

4. Fixed various places where the UTF-8 flag was not being passed to the PCRE regular expression compiler.

5. Added new feature to the "Debug Simulated World Input" dialog. This lets you insert UTF-8 characters much more easily, for testing UTF-8 (in triggers, or displaying in the output window). You can click on the "Insert Unicode" button, and then a dialog will be displayed that lets you enter the Unicode number (in hex or decimal). It will then be converted into appropriate UTF-8 codes.

6. Added three new functions to the Lua "utils" table:

utf8encode - encodes a series of Unicode numbers into a UTF-8 string

utf8decode - decodes a UTF-8 string into a table of Unicode numbers

utf8valid - checks to see if a UTF-8 string is valid

7. Fixed a bug in bit.tonumber where if you supplied an invalid number, the column of the error appeared as %i and not the actual number.

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