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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.03

Version 4.03

Released on 18 Apr 2007

1. Added new script function GetCustomColourName. This returns the name of one of the 16 custom colours in the Custom Colour configuration.

2. Added new script function SetCustomColourName. This sets the name of one of the 16 custom colours in the Custom Colour configuration.

3. Modified the behaviour of the Lua ANSI function. Previously if you had done:

ANSI (33, 44)

... it would have generated: ESC[33mESC[44m

Now it generates a single sequence: ESC[33;44m

This will let you generate the 256-colour ANSI sequences, eg. ANSI (48,5,127)

4. The Simulate script function, when called from Lua, can now have multiple arguments which are converted to strings and concatenated. Thus the example from version 4.02, which was:

for i = 0, 255 do
Simulate (string.char (27) .. '[0m' ..
tostring (i) .. " - " ..
string.char (27) .. '[48;5;' .. tostring (i) .. 'm' .. "TEST\n")

... can now be writtem much more simply as:

for i = 0, 255 do
Simulate (ANSI (0), i, " - ", ANSI (48, 5, i), "TEST\n")

5. Added new GetInfo selector, namely 68. This returns the MUSHclient working directory at startup.

6. Added new substitution %E for use in logging (etc.) preambles. This the MUSHclient startup directory.

7. Made more changes to the source to improve compiling under .NET.

8. Changed the Lua DLL to Lua 5.1.2 - this is the latest Lua release that fixes a number of bugs in Lua 5.1.1.

9. Added documentation for utils.spellcheckdialog and utils.info into the Lua script extensions help file.

10. Added an extra item "startup_directory" to the table returned by utils.info.

11. Added IGNORE_MIXED_CASE option to the start of the spellchecker.lua file. Make true to ignore words with mixed case (LiKe This).

12. Added IGNORE_IMBEDDED_NUMBERS option to the tart of the spellchecker.lua file. Make true to ignore words with numbers in them (like route66).

13. Removed an initialization call that would result in this message when running under Guest accounts in Windows XP / Vista:

Unable to register as an OLE server.
This may happen if you are using a Guest account.
You can safely ignore this message.

14. Changed the order in which things are done initially so that the spellchecker loads sooner. This seems to fix the problem with hangs which happen when opening worlds in the startup list. Now it initializes the spellchecker first, then loads the worlds in the startup list.

15. Modified the way that files are opened if they are using one of these:

* default world files directory
* default log files directory
* default plugins directory

(All of these are defined in the File -> Global Preferences).

If these directories are "relative" paths (eg. like "./logs/" or just a plain directory name, like "logs/"), then the MUSHclient startup directory is prepended to them. For example, if the MUSHclient startup directory is "C:/mushclient/", and the default log files directory is "./logs/" then the final directory name will be "C:/mushclient/logs/".

What this should mean is that, if you have (say) "./worlds/" as your default worlds directory, and then you use a file browser to change directories, and then go to open another world, it should still use the correct directory.

For a length discussion of this, see:


Note that the startup directory is not the same thing as the directory in which MUSHclient.exe resides (although it may well be the same). If you make a shortcut to MUSHclient.exe, you can specify a different "start" directory. It is the start directory that is used in the above modification.

16. Updated the PCRE functions from version 4.3 to version 7.0.

PCRE is the Perl-Compatible Regular Expression matcher, which handles all regular expression matching in MUSHclient (ie. triggers, aliases, and the Lua "rex" library). There have been various enhancements over the years from version 4.3 to version 7, many fairly obscure.

A new file in the MUSHclient docs directory called PCRE_ChangeLog.txt describes the PCRE changes over the various versions.

The file RegularExpressions.txt has been updated to reflect the new version.

Because of the enhancements, 3 extra flags have been added to the rex.flags table: PARTIAL, FIRSTLINE, DUPNAMES.

Hopefully this change will not have any negative side-effects, and should make available some more sophisticated options, as well as making some bug fixes.

Note that this change does not affect at all the Lua regular expressions used by the Lua string library.

17. Added the "bc" library to the Lua script space. That means you can work on big numbers without needing to install a DLL.

See this post for examples:


18. Added the GNU General Public License (file gpl.txt) to the docs directory, as the big number library is protected by the GPL. Note that the relevant source for the big number library is available from the MUSHclient source distribution, which is freely available.

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