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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.02

Version 4.02

Released on 08 Apr 2007

1. Added IGNORE_CAPITALIZED option to spellchecker.lua file. If true then words starting with a capital are ignored.

2. Fixed source to make it compile under .NET:

b) Changed define for INPUT to NOTE_OR_COMMAND
c) Fixed a few places where it said: 'operator =' is ambiguous
d) Fixed function declaration and prototype for OnInitMenuPopup.
e) Fixed a few places where variables were declared inside a for loop and then referenced outside it.

3. Fixed bug where the world configuration window would flicker when initially invoked.

4. Added support for "256-colour" ANSI code sequences. This is similar in operation to the current 16 colours (ESC[31m for example) except that you can use 256 colours, using the following format:

Set the foreground color to index N: ESC[38;5;Nm
Set the background color to index M: ESC[48;5;Mm

The first 16 colours are the "standard" ANSI colours (black, red, green, etc.).

Then colours 16 to 231 are groups of 6 colours (6 red * 6 green * 6 blue) - giving a total of 216 colours. The colours in the colour cube are all combinations of the RGB sequences in increments of 51 (0x33) - where 255 / 5 = 51.

Then colours 232 to 255 are shades of grey, starting at #080808 and going up to #eeeeee in increments of 10. (eg. #080808, #121212, #1c1c1c and so on).

Use the script command 'Debug ("colours256")' to see all the 256 generated colours.

This Lua code (entered in the Debug window) will show all 256 colours:

for i = 0, 255 do
Simulate (string.char (27) .. '[0m' ..
tostring (i) .. " - " ..
string.char (27) .. '[48;5;' .. tostring (i) .. 'm' .. "TEST\n")

See forum thread: http://www.gammon.com.au/forum/?id=7761

5. Added new script Debug command "colours256" which shows the RGB codes (and colours) for each of the new supported 256 colour codes. Also, if its name happens to be one of the ones in the standard colour picker list, that will be shown as well.

6. If you use the script command Debug "colours", then the colour names will now have a background of the actual colour. Also the colours will be sorted into the same order used in the "Hue" sort sequence for the colour picker. That is, hue order, but if the hue value is the same, saturation order, but if the saturation is the same, luminance order.

7. Changed the license agreement (when you install, and in the about box) to reflect the new "open source" agreement now being used with the source code.

8. The Debug script commands "colours" and "colours256" now also show the code for each colour in decimal, as Lua does not support hex constants. For example, the code for blue is 0xFF0000 (in hex) and 16711680 (in decimal).

9. Added new global table for Lua scripters: colour_names. This is a table of all the colour names in the colour picker, keyed by colour name, with the value being the RGB value of the corresponding colour. eg.

/print (colour_names.lightcyan) --> 16777184

10. Added new global table for Lua scripters: extended_colours. This is a table of the 256 extended colours used by the new ANSI colour sequences, keyed by selector number (ie. 0 to 255), with the value being the RGB value of the corresponding colour. eg.

/print (extended_colours [38]) --> 13408512

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