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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.00

Version 4.00

Released on 01 Apr 2007

1. Changed the web site reference (in the credits) for Figlet to their new site (www.figlet.org).

2. Changed the screen width reported if you have NAWS enabled, to correct it from a pixel count to a character count, if you dynamically resize the window.

3. Added some support for CHARSET negotiation, as per RFC 2066. See forum posting:


Basically a server can request whether or not MUSHclient is configured to use UTF-8 characters (from the UTF-8 checkbox in the output window configuration). If it is so configured, it will "accept" UTF-8 charset, otherwise it will accept US-ASCII charset.

Note that there is no guarantee from this that a suitable font is selected, if you are planning to use Unicode text from a supporting server, you would need to select a Unicode-capable font also (eg. Lucida Sans Unicode).

4. Changed distribution model to FreeWare, and removed all dialogs and requirements for entering registration codes. See:


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