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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.85

Version 3.85

Released on 06 Mar 2007

1. Implemented SpellCheckCommand script function for the new spellchecker. Previously this had not been converted from using the original spellchecker.

2. Fixed a bug where the memory used by lines in the output buffer was not being freed up after doing "omit from output" or calling the script function DeleteLines. Potentially this could have caused a large amount of memory "leakage" if you leave MUSHclient running for a long time, and omit a lot of lines from output.

3. Fixed bug where script function DeleteLines would sometimes delete 1 line too many.

4. Altered the Info configuration screen so that, if the output buffer contains more than 1000 lines, the memory usage is no longer calculated immediately (which can be time-consuming for very large output buffers). Instead there is a button ("Calculate") which, when clicked, does the calculations. This button displays a progress bar window (this may be hard to see with small numbers of lines, such as 2000 lines), which shows the progress of the calculation, and a "cancel" button, which lets you cancel the calculation if it is taking too long.

The only real reason why the calculation would be really lengthy would be if you are using so much memory for your output buffer (eg. 100 Mb) that Windows needs to page some of the buffer to disk, thus drastically slowing down access of such memory.

5. The memory used display (in the Info configuration screen, mentioned above) now shows the memory in Mb if the usage is more than 1024 Kb. Thus, large amounts of memory are shown in a more readable format (eg. 10.2 Mb rather than 10444 Kb).

6. Added two new selectors to GetInfo:

GetInfo (240) - The average width, in pixels, of a character in the output window, in the current output font. This figure is used when calculating how many characters would fit in the current width of the output window.

GetInfo (241) - The height, in pixels, of a character in the output window, in the current output font.

7. Added option to spellchecker.lua file, to make showing the "dictionary loading progress bar" optional. Some users have reported that the progress bar interfers with the worlds loading at startup.

If you wish to disable the progress bar, edit the file spellchecker.lua (which should be in the same directory as MUSHclient.exe) and change the line near the start of that file from:

local SHOW_PROGRESS_BAR = true -- show progress bar? true or false


local SHOW_PROGRESS_BAR = false

8. Added new script function SpellCheckDlg.

This allows you to supply an arbitrary string of text to the new (Lua) spellchecker, and if there are misspelt words, the spellcheck dialog box is invoked for each one.

At the end of this process the corrected string is returned, or if the dialog is cancelled, the NULL variant (nil in Lua) is returned.

9. Added button "Clear Cached IP" to the MUD IP address configuration dialog. This lets you reset the cached IP address, in case the MUD address changes frequently.

10. In the world configuration screens, the lists for timers, triggers, aliases, and variables now show an item count under the list box. This shows the total number of items populating the list (thus you can quickly see how many triggers you have, for example).

Also, if some have been hidden by the filter option, the hidden count is shown as well. For example: "10 items. (8 hidden by filter)". Thus you can see immediately how many items have been included/excluded by the filter function.

11. Added new script function SetWorldWindowStatus which lets you maximize, minimize or restore the main world window.

12. Changed the way remembering the main MUSHclient window works, so that if you have multiple monitors, and the MUSHclient window was last moved to a non-primary monitor, it should be restored to the same place. (Untested as I only have one monitor).

13. Removed support for the "old-fashioned" file formats for MUSHclient worlds (and trigger files, alias files etc.). Version 3.21, released in May 2002, changed the way MUSHclient files were saved from a proprietary "binary" format, to industry-standard XML files.

Five years later, it seems inappropriate to continue to provide backwards compatibility for versions prior to 3.21.

Thus, this version (3.85) onwards will only read the XML-type world files (and trigger / colour / alias / variable files etc.)

If you need to convert a really old file, open it in a version from 3.21 to 3.84 (we suggest 3.84 for most compatibility), resave as an XML file, and then you can open it in version 3.85 onwards.

Making this change makes the code for MUSHclient smaller, and less cluttered.

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