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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.79

Version 3.79

Released on 31 Aug 2006

1. The dialog box shown for the Lua utils.inputbox function is now larger, to accomodate more text in the query field, and a longer reply.

2. The dialog boxes shown for the Lua utils.editbox, utils.choose, utils.listbox and utils.multilistbox functions are now slightly larger, to accomodate more text in the query field.

3. There is now an option to display scripting errors in the output window rather than as a separate dialog box. This may be preferable to avoid having dialog boxes pop up in the middle of a battle, as you can scroll back later and see what the error was. The new option can be set in the world configuration -> Scripting dialog box, and is a checkbox labelled "Note errors".

You can also set the option in scripting by using the world.SetOption function using the option name "script_errors_to_output_window".

The dialog box will still be shown if the option is unchecked (the default) or in situations where there is no related world window, for example when using the filter scripts, or the global replace scripts in the notepad.

4. Changed the script error messages slightly so that you no longer get the message: "Line in error: " without the line in question being displayed.

5. Added plugin script callback: OnPluginMXPsetEntity

This lets you detect an MXP entity change inside a plugin.

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