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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.76

Version 3.76

Released on 29 Jul 2006

1. In the plugin callback OnPluginCommandEntered, if you return the tab character (\t, or hex 09) and "auto-repeat commands" is set, then the command will not be cleared from the command window.

2. In the plugin callback OnPluginCommandEntered, if you return the carriage-return character (\r, or hex 0D) then the command will not be sent to the command processor, however it will not be cleared from the command window either. This could be used for implementing a spell-checker and letting the user correct an error.

3. Updated the spell checker initialization so that if you have previously specified a path for the spell check files, and that path no longer exists (eg. a previous version of the MUSHclient directory) then a warning message is issued and the spell checker uses the default locations for those files.

4. When using ImportXML and ExportXML script functions (and copy and paste to the clipboard) the "temporary" flag is now respected. Previously it was not copied on the grounds that temporary triggers/timers/aliases are never saved to disk anyway, however there may be cases where you want to create a temporary one "on the fly".

5. The script function GetLineInfo now returns a new selector (12) that is the time returned by the high-performance counter. This is a double (floating-point number) in seconds (and fractions of a second). It is not directly related to the time-of-day, but by comparing it to the time from an earlier line, you can calculate how many seconds various lines are apart.

6. Fixed bug in which disabled plugins still had their callbacks called (eg. OnPluginSend). Now, disabled plugins do not react to callbacks. Also, CallPlugin now returns the error ePluginDisabled (30039) if you attempt to call a disabled plugin. Similarly, BroadcastPlugin no longer affects disabled plugins.

7. Added new script function DeleteLines - this lets you delete recently-received lines from the output buffer. eg.

world.DeleteLines (10) -- delete last 10 lines.

8. Added new script function NotepadSaveMethod - this lets you control whether or not a particular notepad window will be offered to be saved when it is closed.

9. When using the <include .../> directive inside the world file, or a plugin, you can now use the following special strings inside the pathname:

* $PLUGINSDEFAULTDIR - default directory for plugins
* $PROGRAMDIR - directory MUSHclient executable is in
* $WORLDDIR - directory current world is in
* $PLUGINDIR - directory current plugin is in

You should be able to use these to make plugins load extra items relative to themselves, eg.

<include name="$PLUGINDIR\myincludes.xml" />

10. Added new selector (20) to GetPluginInfo. This returns the directory in which the plugin resides.

11. Added new selectors to GetInfo:

66: MUSHclient application directory
67: World file directory

12. When doing Edit menu -> Copy as HTML, if the font being used for your world's output window is not FixedSys, then the world font is placed at the head of the list of fonts. eg. If you are using Garamond:

<font size=2 face="Garamond, FixedSys, Lucida Console, Courier New, Courier">

This means your "Copy as HTML" code will more accurately reflect what you see in your output window.

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