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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.72

Version 3.72

Released on 21 Dec 2005

1. When browsing for script files in the Scripts configuration dialog, there is now an option to browse for "all files" as well as files with the current script suffix.

2. For ease of scripting in Lua, added extra pages to the inbuilt help file (and online documentation) for the standard Lua functions (that is, the ones you get with the Lua distribution, not the MUSHclient extensions):

* base (basic functions, like dofile, print, tonumber, etc.)
* coroutine
* debug
* io
* math
* os
* string
* table

This places at your fingertips documentation for almost all Lua script functions that you will need.

3. Added trigger option to only colour the text or background colour when colouring matched text. The default is to keep the existing behaviour, which is to colour both.

This lets you change the text but preserve the background, or vice-versa.

4. Changed behaviour of "Immediate" dialog slightly so that when opened, the cursor is moved to the end of the selection. Previously everything was selected, so that if you just hit <enter> or similar you cleared all your previous script.

5. Fixed bug where with certain script callback functions, when scripting with Lua, the return code from the function would not be processed correctly. For example, OnPluginChatDisplay is supposed to return true or false, depending on whether or not you want the line displayed. However with Lua, MUSHclient was taking the wrong value as the return code.

6. Altered the behaviour of "time" values that were returned to Lua function calls. Previously the value returned from date/time fields were the underlying OLE representation, which was a decimal number which was a floating-point value, measuring days from midnight, 30 December 1899.

Now it is returned as a Unix "time_t" type, which is the number of seconds elapsed since midnight (00:00:00), January 1, 1970. The reason for this is it is much easier to convert such a date/time to printable form in Lua. For example:

print (os.date ("%#x %X", GetInfo (301))) --> Wednesday, December 21, 2005 12:34:48

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