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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.71

Version 3.71

Released on 08 Dec 2005

1. When editing scripts in the Immediate window -> Edit box, there is now a "Functions" button which lets you view script function help.

2. Fixed a problem where PHP scripts would not find the first function (eg. the first trigger function) for the reason that the PHP script engine was returning a "dispatch ID" of zero for the first one. MUSHclient had been using a dispatch ID of zero as a "no such function" flag. It now uses -1 for that flag.

3. Fixed minor problems in the help file where functions were referred to as "World.Note", where it should have read "world.Note".

4. Fixed bug where, when doing a "find" with an output buffer large enough that the "find progress" dialog box was displayed, that the bar would not reflect the percentage progress, if you had over 32767 lines in the output buffer. This is because the progress bar was being updated with a 16-bit number. This is now a 32-bit number, and the progress bar should indicate an appropriate length of bar for the percent complete of the find.

5. Added new dialog box in the inbuilt Notepad - Global Replace.

This provides a more powerful find-and-replace than the standard Windows Edit control offering. It uses Lua's string.gsub to do the replacements.

For more details on using string.gsub see:


You have the option of treating the entire selection as one chunk of text to be processed, or each individual line. Using "line by line" mode lets you easily do things like add spaces to the start of each line, or add a semicolon to the end of each line.

For extra power, you can call a custom-written function to do the replacement for you, which lets you do anything you want in the Lua script language, such as table lookups, upper/lower case conversion, and so on.

6. Added documentation for the rex library (PCRE regular expressions) to the "lua" part of the help file.

7. Fixed a problem with the Find function in the main output window. If text arrived from the MUD during a search, particularly a long search, and when searching backwards (ie. Up) then the line highlighted by the search might have been a few lines out.

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