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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.67

Version 3.67

Released on 15 Oct 2005

1. Fixed a bug where the time used internally for MUSHclient timers was based on UTC time rather than local time. This meant that timers that fired "at" a time would tend to fire at a time offset from the time you expected by the number of hours difference from your local time and UTC time. This was introduced as part of the changes for the sub-second timer changes.

2. Fixed a bug where MUSHclient would sometimes crash if:

* You were using Lua as your current scripting language (main file or current plugin)

* You used a trigger or alias that had an optional wildcard item

* The optional item was not present

* The trigger or alias called a script (not send-to-script)

An example would be this alias:

I (see) a (big )?dog

If you entered: I see a dog

Then MUSHclient may crash (in earlier versions). This is because the word "big" was not present. Under these circumstance MUSHclient was copying undefined data into the wildcards array. Depending on chance, the undefined data may cause a crash.

3. Changed the name of the Lua DLL from lua.dll and lualib.dll to be a single DLL, lua50.dll.

This is to be consistent with the way Lua is released on the SourceForge site, and allow for future releases of Lua to be installed without conflict.

Without this change, installing things like LuaSQL is difficult, because the LuaSQL DLLs expect lua50.dll to contain Lua, not lua.dll.

4. Added plugin callback OnPluginTrace. This is called when you have tracing turned on. If a plugin is found with this function in it, then it is called and the trace line is not displayed on the world output window. Only the first plugin found is called.

Example, in Lua:

function OnPluginTrace (line)
AppendToNotepad ("Trace", line .. "\r\n")

5. Fixed bug where, if you had a Lua plugin, and a callback routine was supposed to be called with a single text argument, then it was looking for "OnPluginPacketReceived" rather than the correct callback.

6. Added BroadcastPlugin script routine. This lets a plugin, or the main script file, "broadcast" a message to all installed plugins.


BroadcastPlugin (1234, "my message")

This sends the supplied arguments to the OnPluginBroadcast function (if any) in all installed plugins. Also supplied to the plugin is the plugin ID and name of the calling plugin.

7. Added PickColour script routine. This lets you call the MUSHclient colour picker from within a script. Note that doing this will pause script execution while the dialog is active, and is not recommended for scripts that should run to completion quickly.


newcolour = PickColour (254)

You supply an existing colour as the starting point, or -1 if none is required, and the function returns the chosen colour, or -1 if the dialog was cancelled. Note that -1 is not a valid colour.

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