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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.66

Version 3.66

Released on 13 Apr 2005

1. Fixed some documentation problems.

2. Added script function NoteHr. This simply adds a horizontal rule to the output window (like the MXP <hr> tag).

3. Added an information item to the scripts configuration screen. This shows the words "(active)" or "(not active)" next to the "enable script" checkbox.

This is because it is sometimes confusing about whether the scripts are actually active. You might have "enable" checked, but the scripts are not active because of a compile error.

4. Added selector 235 to GetInfo - returns the number of windows open for this world. A window is opened when you do Window menu -> New Window.

5. Added script function MoveWorldWindowX - this lets you move "spawned" windows created with Window menu -> New Window, by referring to the window number. In Lua, this function is not available, just use a 5th argument to MoveWorldWindow.

6. Added script function GetWorldWindowPositionX - this lets you get details about "spawned" windows created with Window menu -> New Window, by referring to the window number. In Lua, this function is not available, just use an argument to GetWorldWindowPosition.

7. Added script function SetEntity - this lets you define "custom server" MXP entities within a script.

8. Added script function GetXMLEntity - this lets you convert a standard HTML/MXP/XML entity name (eg. "lt") to its equivalent string. It also handles the standard entities like #123 or #x42.

9. Changed the message that appears in the output window for unregistered copies so that the links to the ordering web page, and the forum web page, are now hyperlinks, not straight text.

10. Added new option to Output configuration - "Convert IAC EOR/GA to new line".

If checked, an incoming sequence IAC EOR (0xFF 0xEF) or IAC GA (0xFF 0xF9) will be replaced by a newline (0x0A).

The intention here is for MUSHclient to automatically terminate prompt lines with a newline, where a prompt line is terminated by IAC GA or IAC EOR. That way triggers based on the prompt will fire immediately.

Also, the sequence IAC WILL EOR will be responded to with IAC DO EOR (or IAC DO EOR) if the option is checked, and IAC DONT EOR if the option is not checked. However in this case EOR is 0x19.

11. Added script function GetUdpPort - this finds a UDP port number in a range you specify that is not in use by MUSHclient's UdpListen function, in any open world.

12. Fixed bug where certain script routines called in Lua would not have any arguments passed (plugin callbacks). Examples are OnPluginChatDisplay and OnPluginChatNewUser.

13. Fixed bug where in the "test trigger" dialog boxes various ANSI codes were "out by one", starting the "black background".

14. Added script function SetClipboard, which can be used to set the Windows clipboard contents to the supplied text string.

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