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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.65

Version 3.65

Released on 03 Jan 2005

1. If you double-click the number of lines shown in the status bar at the bottom of the main window, when a world window is active, the "go to line" dialog box will open.

2. In the colour-picker dialog, you can now click on the colour swatch adjacent to each name in the colour list to select it, and double-click the swatch to choose that particular one.

3. When opening the single-line or multi-line edit dialog box (eg. when editing a trigger "match" or "send" text) the entire text is no longer selected. This is to make it harder to accidentally delete all of it by typing something.

4. When editing a trigger or alias "match" text which is a regular expression, the single-line edit dialog box now offers a "regular expression" helper menu. This lets you insert special codes (like "match a digit") by selecting the appropriate description from a menu.

In cases like groups, or ranges of characters, the cursor is moved to be within the appropriate symbols. (eg. for a group (...) ) the cursor would be put within the brackets.

5. The Mapper dialog box now has a button "Edit Failure Message" to help in editing the "mapping failure" regular expression.

6. The Mapper dialog box now has a button "Convert to regular expression".

7. Added option to Global Options -> General to allow you to specify a "flat" look for the toolbar buttons. This only takes effect next time you invoke MUSHclient.

8. The colour picker dialog no longer copies the selected colour to the clipboard when you click on OK (the default button). If you want to copy the colour to the clipboard you should click on the appropriate value while the dialog is open (eg. name, HTML, Jscript value).

9. Fixed bug in PCRE regular expressions where a negated Posix class like [[:^alpha:]] would not work correctly.

10. In the colour picker dialog, the following fields are now (flat) buttons, not text fields:

* Name
* MXP/HTML value
* VBscript value
* JScript value
* Lua value

If you click on any of those buttons, it will now copy the value to the clipboard, and then close the colour picker. This lets you choose a colour, and have it copied to the clipboard in the format of your choice, in one click.

11. Fixed problem with Input -> Global Change where attempting to find or replace \\n would fail because \n became a newline before \\ became a backslash.

12. Added a new dialog "Make Multi-Line Trigger". This simplifies making multi-line triggers. You can select some text in the output window (multiple lines) and then choose Display -> Multi-Line Trigger.

The text is converted to a regular expression (eg. periods are converted to \. and so on).

You can amend the text in the window if necessary (for example, replacing variable text by (.+) to make them wildcards) and then click OK to have a multi-line trigger generated. Line breaks will be replaced by \n, and a \Z added at the end to lock the multi-line trigger to the end of the buffer. It also calculates the number of lines in your trigger.

The trigger is initially set to echo the matching text to the output window. You could then edit the trigger as required, and make it take a different action (like call a script).

13. Fixed bug where if you had scripting disabled (the default for new worlds) and added an alias, and then used it, you would get an error message:

Alias function "" cannot execute - scripting disabled/parse error.

14. When using the "Highlight Word" dialog, if the word/phrase selected contains asterisks they will no longer become wildcards, but simply escaped asterisks.

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