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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.64

Version 3.64

Released on 29 Dec 2004

1. The "highlight words" dialog has some improvements:

* It now sets up its triggers into the "Highlighted Words" trigger group to make them easier to manage later on.

* It now has a "match case" option, to allow you to specify whether an exact match is wanted. An exact match is useful for matching a specific word, a caseless match is handy for matching character names which might appear in different ways.

If checked, an exact match is required. Note that this is the inverse of the "Ignore Case" checkbox in the trigger dialog. Thus, checking "match case" here will result in "ignore case" being unchecked when you view the trigger later on. This is done to be consistent with things like the Find dialog boxes.

* It now sets up the triggers as "repeat on same line" so if the same word appears more than once, both will be highlighted.

* It now defaults its colour combo-box to "Other..." which makes it easier to simply click on the colour swatches to choose a different colour.

* Added the menu item for it to the context menu that appears when you right-click on the output window.

* It now defaults the colours in the Other box to be the colour (if any) of the selected text. That way you can easily just adjust the text or background colour.

2. A couple of documentation improvements were made.

3. Added new menu item and dialog box. Edit -> Generate Unique ID. This lets you generate unique 24-character hashes (IDs) without having to use scripting. These are useful for quick-and-dirty passwords, and they are not really predictable, and also for things like "nonsense words" for use in macros that are to be caught by an alias.

4. Improved the colour picker dialog box:

* If you click on the Windows colour picker (click the "Other..." button or on the colour swatch) the colour picker will now remember the "custom colours" from one invocation of the colour picker to the next (thus letting you store temporary colours there). However this only applies to the current execution of MUSHclient.

* Re-arrange the dialog box a bit, and added Red/Green/Blue slider controls. These let you click and drag (or select them and use the keyboard keys such as arrows, pageUp, pageDown) to change the amount of Red/Green/Blue in the selected colour.

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