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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.63

Version 3.63

Released on 26 Dec 2004

1. Fixed bug where you would get the message:

Alias function "" not found or had a previous error.

This happened with aliases or triggers that had no script subroutine supplied.

2. Added new menu item: Display -> Highlight Word.

This is a quick trigger-maker, that adds a trigger for a highlighted word in the output window. To use it:

* double-click or otherwise select a word or phrase in the output window
* choose Display -> Highlight Word (Ctrl+Alt+H)
* choose a colour from the list, or a custom colour
* click OK

This adds a regular expression trigger that matches the entered text. Any special character (like brackets, periods) are automatically "escaped" correctly with backslashes. The trigger is set to colour in the chosen colour, and set to "keep evaluating" so existing triggers will continue to work. If you check the "whole word only" checkbox a "word boundary" code is added to the regular expression, so that a trigger on "cat" does not also match "catch".

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