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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.58

Version 3.58

Released on 10 Dec 2004

1. Fixed a problem where plugin callbacks would not pass their arguments to Lua scripts.

2. Fixed a problem where doing a ChatNote inside a plugin would discard the knowledge of being in a plugin. (eg. doing GetPluginID after ChatNote would always return an empty string, even if that was done inside a plugin).

3. Added plugin callback OnPluginChatMessageOut. This lets you catch outgoing chat messages (similar to the OnPluginChatMessage callback which catches incoming messages).

This means that the chat system is about to send a message to a particular user.

Your script function can return false to cause the message to be discarded, or true to cause it to be processed as usual. The default, if no value is returned, is true.

The message numbers are the same as for OnPluginChatMessage.

Example of use (in Lua):

function OnPluginChatMessageOut (id, message, text)

-- discard personal messages to user 1

if id == 1 and message == 5 then
return false -- reject it
end -- if

return true -- accept it

end -- function OnPluginChatMessageOut

You should be careful that if you do another chat message (eg. a ChatID) then you may cause an infinite loop. eg. The original chat send calls this plugin, the plugin does another send, the send calls the plugin again, and so on.

4. Fixed bug where the Lua function utils.myencodebase64 would crash if given a string of less than 3 bytes to encode.

5. Fixed documentation in places where the backslash had disappeared from some examples.

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