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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.56

Version 3.56

Released on 30 Nov 2004

1. New Window menu option - Tile Vertically. This lets you split all open windows into vertical tiles.

2. Existing Tile menu option renamed as Tile Horizontally.

3. Fixed a problem in Lua scripting where if the first argument to a script function was another world object, then a lot of functions would not work correctly.


w = GetWorld ("world2")
ColourNote (w, "white", "blue", "test")

4. Added two script functions that interface with the Windows system calls:

* GetSysColor - return colours used by this user (eg. window colour), which may vary depending on what theme you are using. Yes, it is spelt like that, because that is the exact name of the Windows sytem call it uses.

* GetSystemMetrics - returns various numbers from Windows, such as your screen size, and so on.

5. Added three script functions that return window sizes, to mirror the ones that set them:

* GetMainWindowPosition
* GetNotepadWindowPosition
* GetWorldWindowPosition

For normal scripting languages these return a string, like this: "89,18,825,654"

In Lua they return a table with four entries, like this:


6. Added script function UdpSend to send UDP packets to the network. The intention is to communicate with external programs, like the status bar program. See this forum posting:


7. Added script function UdpListen to listen for incoming UDP packets. The intention is to allow plugins to receive asynchronous events (ie. without polling) and react to them.

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