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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.54

Version 3.54

Released on 27 Nov 2004

1. Fixed bug where MUSHclient would crash with a stack overflow if run unregistered under Wine.

2. Added a fourth argument to trigger scripts, only available under Lua scripting, which is a table of all the style runs in the matching trigger. Each entry has a sub table for:

* textcolour - the RGB colour of the text in this style (number)
* backcolour - the RGB colour of the background (number)
* text - the actual text
* style - style bits (bold=1, underline=2, blink=4) or'ed together (eg. bold underline would be 3)

Example trigger script that replaces "will" by "*WILL*" ...

function my_trigger (name, line, wildcards, styles)
for _, v in pairs (styles) do
ColourNote (RGBColourToName (v.textcolour),
RGBColourToName (v.backcolour),
(string.gsub (v.text, "will", "*WILL*")))

The brackets around string.gsub are necessary or it will return more than one result, which will confuse ColourNote.

3. Includes support for recognising PHPscript - the PHP scripting interface. This doesn't seem to work perfectly, I find that when testing if I get a syntax error MUSHclient just exits without any obvious reason. I think this must be a bug in the way PHPscript is implemented. However the support is in MUSHclient for when PHPscript gets improved.

Information about PHPscript can be found at:


4. Added script function MapColour that lets you "map" one colour to another for displaying purposes. The idea here is to take a colour that you don't like (eg. an MXP colour) and map it to a preferred one.

5. Enhanced the Text Attributes dialog box to show the foreground and background colour of the selected text, to assist in generating MapColour entries.

6. Added script function GetMapColour to return what colour will be drawn for a particular colour code (ie. its mapping)

7. Added script function MapColourList to return a list of all currently-mapped RGB colours.

8. Added script function MakeRegularExpression, to convert a "wildcard" expression such as "* goes *" to a regular expression.

9. Added script function SpellCheck to spellcheck an arbitrary text string.

10. Added script function SpellCheckCommand to spellcheck the command window on request, specifying a start and end column for the check.

11. Fixed bug in Lua interface where returning true in a plugin callback would be interpreted as false.

12. Added script function MoveMainWindow - this lets you move and resize the main MUSHclient window.

13. Added script function MoveWorldWindow - this lets you move and resize a MUSHclient world window.

14. Added script function MoveNotepadWindow - this lets you move and resize a notepad window.

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