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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.51

Version 3.51

Released on 18 Nov 2004

1. When processing <include name="xxx" /> directives in the world file, the exact name given is now used if you have "..\" as the first 3 characters, or ".\" as the first 2 characters (ie. it is a relative path). Ditto for ../ and ./ in case you are using forward slashes.

2. Fixed bug where plugins would not be correctly loaded (it didn't add the plugin pathname to the plugin filename).

3. Fixed bug where doing a ReloadPlugin from another plugin would cause an error message followed by a MUSHclient crash.

4. When triggers, aliases, timers, "send to special" are now sending things, empty text is no longer discarded in the following cases:

a. Notepad (send to, append or replace)
b. Output window
c. Log file
d. Variable
e. Pane

This is so it is possible to make a trigger that matches everything (including blank lines) and have those blank lines logged, or appended to a notepad or pane window.

5. Fixed problem where you could not change the "new activity" sound from the Output configuration window.

6. When receiving an MXP <supports> tag, MUSHclient no longer claims to support the <image> tag.

7. When receiving an MXP <image> tag, it now appends the "fname" argument to the URL argument, eg.

<image fname="mypic.gif" url="http://myserver.com/images/" >

This will generate a link to:


For more discussion about this, see http://www.gammon.com.au/forum/?bbsubject_id=4318

8. Rewrote and centralised processing for expanding the "send" box for triggers, aliases and timers so that they handle things like %1 and %C consistently (and variable expansion).

9. Fixed bug where if you did (in a script) the auto-log file name would not be used:

OpenLog "", 0

10. Fixed bug where if you had form-feed or vertical tab characters on the clipboard, you might get an error message "Not a valid base64 string - incorrect length (not mod 4)" when opening configurations screens (depending on what else was on the clipboard).

11. Fixed a bug where XCH_CMD link in Pueblo followed by an IMG link would send the wrong text if you clicked on the hyperlink.

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