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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.49

Version 3.49

Released on 27 Apr 2004

1. Fixed problem where configuration buttons on the toolbar brought up the wrong configuration screen in some cases, ditto with accelerator keys (caused by the removal of the "sounds" configuration window in the previous version).

2. Added configuration accelerator Alt+7 to open the "Chat" configuration screen (this previously opened the now-defunct "Sound" configuration screen).

3. When saving the world file, if a plugin's path name starts with the default plugins pathname, the pathname is not saved. In other words, only the filename is saved. This lets you have relative paths (or plain file names, more accurately) for plugins, thus making moving world files from one PC to another easier.

4. Changed the number of lines you can match in a multiple-line trigger from 100 to 200.

5. The regular-expression error dialog box has been neatened-up somewhat.

6. The check for putting multiple asterisks in sequence (eg. "*** You are stunned") in a trigger is also now in the alias configuration dialog. Also, the check is done if you click the "convert to regular expression" box, so that you are still warned if you try to work around the problem by making a regular expression.

7. Improved the "debug simulated world input" dialog box to let you enter ANSI codes (eg. the code for red text) from a combo-box, to save you looking up the exact codes for each one.

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