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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.47

Version 3.47

Released on 23 Mar 2004

1. Fixed bug where if you clicked on the world name in the status bar, and the main window was maximized, it would be returned to the un-maximized state.

2. Added new script routine: EnableMapping

This lets you turn the auto mapper on or off. eg.

EnableMapping (vbTrue)

3. You can now choose your own icon for "minimize to tray".

4. You can now specify global plugins in the Global Preferences. This is a list of plugins that will automatically be added to any new world, or any world that you open. If you have the same plugin specified twice - once in the world file and once in global preferences - then global preferences will take precedence. That is, next time you save the world the plugin will be removed from the world's plugin list (internally). Thus you will continue to see the plugin while it stays in the global preferences.

The intention here is to allow you to use things like Chat in any world without having to manually add it into every world.

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