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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.46

Version 3.46

Released on 21 Mar 2004

1. Fixed bug in AddAlias where if you added an alias that was a regular expression, and it had a backslash in it, then it would not compute the regular expression correctly.

2. Changed behaviour so that if the Info Bar cannot be created, MUSHclient no longer exits, it just proceeds with the Info Bar disabled.

3. Fixed bug where if you changed the font in the output window to a much smaller one, MUSHclient might crash.

4. Added an option to have a MUSHclient icon on the tray (the status bar near the RH corner of the Windows screen), in addition to, or instead of, the MUSHclient icon on the task bar. This allows you to "minimize to tray" to save space in the taskbar, and to make it less obvious you are running MUSHclient. You can also choose different icons for the tray, from a list of 10 supplied icons.

If you left-click on the tray icon MUSHclient will be restored (ie. un-minimized) and become the front window. If you right-click on the tray icon you will see a list of open worlds, in alphabetical order, with the number of unread lines in brackets. You can then choose one.

5. When editing a variable, the focus is set to the variable contents, not the name, so it is easier to change the contents without having to tab to the contents field.

6. The functions "go to matching brace" and "select to matching brace" previously only available in the notepad windows, are now available also in the command window.

7. Added new script routines for "array handling"

Arrays are "associative arrays" - that is, data that is accessible by a key - which are stored internally per world, and also per plugin. You can use them to store data (such as spells, keyed by spell name).

ArrayClear - Clears an array
ArrayCount - Returns the number of arrays
ArrayCreate - Creates an array
ArrayDelete - Deletes an array
ArrayDeleteKey - Deletes a key/value pair from an array
ArrayExists - Tests to see if the specified array exists
ArrayExport - Exports values from an array into a single string
ArrayExportKeys - Exports keys from an array into a single string
ArrayGet - Gets the value of an array item
ArrayGetFirstKey - Gets the key of the first element in the array
ArrayGetLastKey - Gets the key of the last element in the array
ArrayImport - Imports values into an array from a single string
ArrayKeyExists - Tests to see if the specified array key exists
ArrayListAll - Gets the list of arrays
ArrayListKeys - Gets the list of all the keys in an array
ArrayListValues - Gets the list of all the values in an array
ArraySet - Sets the value of an array item
ArraySize - Returns the number of elements in a specified array

For more details, and examples, see forum post:


8. The plugins dialog (list of plugins) is now resizeable. MUSHclient remembers the size you last had it and uses that size next time.

9. MUSHclient now remembers what size you had the "edit trigger/alias" dialog (the one you get by clicking the "..." button) and uses that size next time.

10. Added new script function ResetStatusTime - this resets the "time connected" on the status bar back to the current time, so it counts up from now.

11. You can now double-click the "time connected" on the status bar to reset it to zero.

12. Added new feature - if you left-click on the world name on the status bar a menu pops up with all open worlds in it, and the number of new lines received in brackets. You can then use that to switch to a different world. Notepad windows are not shown. The worlds are sorted into alphabetic order.

13. Added new feature - if you double-click the "pause" status bar box (the one which shows the word "MORE" or "PAUSE") then it toggles the pause status for the frontmost window.

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