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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.45

Version 3.45

Released on 24 Feb 2004

1. Changed "quick connect" keyboard accelerator from being Shift+Ctrl+C (which clashed with "clear output buffer") to be Shift+Ctrl+Alt+K.

2. Changed the "edit trigger" (and alias) dialog boxes so if you clicked on the "..." button to open the "large edit" dialog, it now has vertical scroll bars, so you can edit really lengthy items.

3. The "edit trigger" (and alias) dialog boxes, both "match" and "send" fields, if you click on the "..." button the dialog that pops up (the one to enter large amounts of text) is now resizeable.

4. Fixed some URLs in the "credits" dialog box that referred to web pages that no longer exist.

5. Added a few more credits for people who have made many useful posts in the Forum.

6. Added a couple more URL links to the Help menu - MUSHclient documentation, and Regular Expression help.

7. Added menu item to open a Notepad window if no worlds were open. Previously you had to open a world or notepad to get such a menu item available.

8. Added "activity list" to the View menu for when you have a Notepad window open.

9. When in Full Screen mode, the extra menu item at the bottom of the pop-up menu (when you right-click on the window) has been renamed from "Full Screen" to"Main Menus".

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