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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.44

Version 3.44

Released on 12 Feb 2004

1. Now recognise telnet options ESC[39m to reset to default foreground colour and ESC[49m to reset to default background colour.

2. A new plugin callback "OnPluginPartialLine" will be called when one of these events occurs:

* A line fills up (eg. you hit 80 characters if that is your screen width)
* A newline is received
* A partial packet is received, and no more input is currently available

The plugin is passed the current line - not just the new text -(which may or may not be "full" if the third condition is met) - which it can then test or pass into a VB regular expression for more complex testing.

This is intended to catch those situations where you need an immediate update (eg. a prompt line, entering a username/password when the newline is not present) on data received from the MUD.

Note that triggers will *still* be evaluated in the usual way, at the usual time. The plugin callback just gives you the chance to get at it sooner.

Example of using it:

sub OnPluginPartialLine (sText)
AppendToNotepad "test", sText & vbCrLf
end sub

Note that in the event of a partial line being received followed by more on the same line, the same line would be passed down twice.

3. New plugin callbacks: OnPluginGetFocus and OnPluginLoseFocus. These are called when the world in which they are installed get or lose the focus. They take no arguments.

4. In the world configuration screens, if you attempt to delete triggers/aliases/timers (by clicking the Remove button) you will be prompted to confirm. This is to stop accidental deletion. This can be turned on/off by an option in Global Configuration -> General.

5. The script language for a plugin script can now be "vbscript.encode" and "jscript.encode". This is to provide compatability with the "encoded" versions of scripts. Note that I haven't actually got the encoded scripts to work myself, however the recognition for them is now in MUSHclient.

6. Fixed problem where hyperlinks starting https:// would be disallowed.

7. Fixed bug in SetTriggerOption, SetAliasOption and SetTimerOption where you could not set the "send" text to multiple lines - the newlines were being stripped out.

8. You now have an option to use F1, Shift+F1, Ctrl+F1, F6, Shift+F6, Ctrl+F6 as "macro" keys, rather than their default behaviour of help, and switching windows. This effectively gives you 6 more programmable keys. This can be turned on/off by an option in Global Configuration -> General.

9. Fixed bug where the "other" trigger colours would not be written to the world file if one of them was black.

10. The Game -> Test Trigger menu item now brings up the "debug world input" dialog box. This was previously not attached to a menu item, so you would have to know it existed to use it (Ctrl+Shift+F12). This seems a more logical way of testing triggers these days, namely to actually push through the main world "input" routines the text you want to simulate as input.

11. Added new world.debug type: "info". This effectively does a world.GetInfo for all available info types, and displays the results in the output window.

eg. (in part) ...

214: Input font height = 15
215: Input font width = 8
216: Total bytes received = 2683
217: Total bytes sent = 32
218: Count of variables = 4
219: Count of triggers = 8
220: Count of timers = 0
221: Count of aliases = 5
222: Count of queued commands = 0
223: Count of mapper items = 0
224: Count of lines in output window = 137
225: Count of custom MXP elements = 7
226: Count of custom MXP entities = 0

12. Made some corrections to the help file (eg. the macros configuration dialog was not explained).

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