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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.42

Version 3.42

Released on 01 May 2003

1. Added "copy as HTML" to the menu that pops up when you do a right-mouse click.

2. The "chat details" dialog has been amended so you can copy the IP address from it if you want to.

3. The proxy server name and password can now be configured from the world configuration screen (separate dialog box).

4. Proxy server password is now stored as Base64 in the world file so it is harder to see by simple browsing (like the world password).

5. Fixed bug where if a line was long enough to wrap around at the line width, and you had "indent paragraphs" turned off, and the line wrapped exactly at a word boundary (ie. a space) then the subsequent line would lose the style (colour etc.) of the previous line and return to default colours.

6. Added a message on the status bar while plugins are loading - this will help explain the delay while a world opens, if you have lots of plugins, especially if they use different scripting languages. For example, my test world loads 13 plugins, and the whole process of opening the world only takes 2 seconds. However 2 seconds can seem a lot if you are waiting, and seeing the names of the various plugins flash by can help the time to pass. :)

7. There are now 17 new programmable keys, namely Alt+X where X is any key except those on the menu (ie. except F, E, V, C, I, D, G, W, H - for the File, Edit, View, Connection, Input, Display, Game, Window and Help menus respectively).

This means, for instance, you can now make Alt+A do anything you want (see configuration -> Macros section).

Also a slight change in macro behaviour - any macro that is empty will no longer send a blank line to the MUD if you press it.

8. Added "chatsessions", and "configurechat" to the list of things you can call from DoCommand.

9. The configuration "info" screen now shows if MCCP compression is currently active or not.

10. The AnsiNote function now correctly recognises bold/blink/underline/inverse ANSI codes (however blink is rendered as italic as in the rest of MUSHclient).

11. New script functions: NoteStyle and GetNoteStyle. These are to allow you to set styles (bold/italic/underline/inverse) when doing a world.Note (or Tell etc.)

The appropriate style bits (which can be added or OR'ed together) are:

1 = bold
2 = underline
4 = blink (italic)
8 = inverse

Thus, you can get bold+underline by using world.NoteStyle (3).

* To use "normal" styles, simply use NoteStyle (0).
* Any bits outside that range are disregarded.
* You can use GetNoteStyle to find the current style.
* The style is reset to normal when there is a transition from notes to something else (eg. MUD output will cancel styles, so the next world.Note will be in normal style again).

12. Added a warning that appears if you type what seems to be a script command, but scripting is disabled.

eg. You type: /world.note "hello"

The test is, that if you type the script prefix, whatever that is, followed by zero or more spaces, and then the string "world." or "$world->" then you get the warning.

If this is not wanted (eg. your MUD takes commands like "/world. blah") then change your script prefix to be empty.

13. Added a provision to the Hyperlink function to make it practical to call scripts in a plugin. Previously the hyperlink text would only send a MUSHclient command, which was fine for simple things, however to execute a script in a plugin would be a bit of a problem, particularly if the main world had scripting disabled, or no scripting prefix defined.

Now the hyperlink "action" text has a special case, that if it is in this format:

!!--plugin ID--:sub(arg)

... then the sub "sub" in the plugin with that ID will be called, passing the argument "arg".

For example:

world.Hyperlink "!!01245a24e83abd8552058478:nicktest(sigh)", "My test", "Click for my test", "yellow", "green", 0

In the example above we have:

Plugin ID = 01245a24e83abd8552058478
Sub to call = nicktest
Argument = sigh

Inside that plugin you might have a sub like this:

sub nicktest (arg)
world.note arg
end sub

Note that the brackets are required, so you would need: "sub()" if you wanted to pass no particular argument to the sub.

The argument will be passed as a string, so you don't need to quote it. It doesn't particularly matter if the argument contains brackets, as the processing of the argument simply starts at the first bracket, discards the last bracket, and sends everything inbetween (even if they are brackets).

For example:

world.Hyperlink "!!01245a24e83abd8552058478:nicktest(You say (hello))", "My test", "Click for my test", "yellow", "green", 0

The plugin is called using world.CallPlugin - see its description for more details.

Normally if you were using this the plugin would find its own plugin ID, and then use that to generate the appropriate hyperlinks.

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