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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.40

Version 3.40

Released on 26 Apr 2003

1. Added support for Python in the scripting section (and plugins).

Python may be obtained from:


2. Changed scripting system slightly (for Python's benefit) so that if the script engine went into a "disconnected" state after a script error, it was reconnected next time you tried to use it.

3. Added functions GetNotepadLength and GetNotepadText - these let you get the length of the text, and the text itself, from a nominated notepad window.

You might use GetNotepadLength to empty the notepad (or reduce its size) when it got too big.

4. Fixed bug where, contrary to documentation, GetAliasList and GetTimerList did not return unlabelled aliases/timers.

5. Removed a couple of duplicates (copy and cut) from the internal commands list.

6. Added new auto-say feature "send to command interpreter". This is because previously auto-say used to simply prepend the auto-say word and send the results to the MUD. However if you were having a lengthy chat session you might want to use "#chat Nick ...", however #chat is an alias, not a simple word that needs to be sent. With this active, the auto-say string is then re-evaluated as a command, so aliases can be processed. However to be consistent with usual behaviour, command stacking, is disabled during this re-evaluation, so you can auto-say things with the command-stack character in them.

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