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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.38

Version 3.38

Released on 17 Apr 2003

1. Fixed problem in chat system where the plugin callback "OnPluginChatNewUser" was only called for outgoing calls, not incoming calls.

2. Because of problems with aliases being echoed as you typed them, which many people were not expecting, there is now a new flag for aliases: "Echo Alias". It will default to off. If set, the alias itself is echoed when you type it. Then if you want to suppress the alias *contents* being echoed, then you set the "Omit from output" flag. However, if the world "echo commands" flag is not set, the alias will not be echoed if if the "echo alias" flag is set. In the world XML file the flag is called "echo_alias".

3. Fixed a fairly obscure bug where, if input from the MUD caused a trigger to fire (in world A), and the trigger called a script, and the script had an error which popped up a script error dialog box, and you had another world open (world B), and the other world received data from the MUD while you were reading the dialog box, then once the dialog box was closed the wrong output would be displayed - namely world B's data would be displayed instead of world A's.

4. Fixed a bug (introduced in version 3.36) where commands were not logged, except if you used the world.LogSend script routine. Now commands (ie. things you type) are logged:

If logging is on AND if "logging commands" is on THEN ...

* If you type a simple command it is logged.
* If you type an alias and "echo alias" is on, the alias is logged (ie. what you actually typed).
* If you type an alias and the alias "omit from log" is not on, the alias *output* is logged.

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