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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.36

Version 3.36

Released on 09 Apr 2003

1. Fixes a bug where if an alias sends to the world, and the "send" box is empty, it still sent a blank line. Now, if the "send" box is empty it sends nothing (to any destination, eg. status line, log file etc.).

2. Added support for Socks proxy servers. Socks versions 4 and 5 are supported, using either no authentication or username/password authentication.

The point of using a proxy server might be:

a. You are behind a firewall or other configuration which prevents you connecting directly to a MUD.
b. You wish to play anonymously (so people can't do a reverse IP address lookup to find where you are)
c. You wish to multi-play on a MUD that checks that you don't have multiple connections from the same IP address.

To use the proxy server feature, go to the first configuration screen (IP address) and select "Proxy Server" to be "Socks 4" or "Socks 5". Socks 5 is more modern and is the preferred choice.

Then enter the proxy server address and port - note that the port for a proxy server is frequently 1080.

There is currently a list of proxy servers (that you can pay to use) at:


Search the Internet for other lists, if you require one.

Connecting via a proxy server is somewhat more complicated, and involves about 7 steps:

a. resolve domain name of MUD
b. resolve domainn name of proxy server
c. connect to proxy
d. when connected, sent authentication method required
e. upon response, send username and password if required
f. when accepted, send address and port of MUD to connect to
g. when acknowledged, send MUD connection (eg. character name, password)

There is no GUI interface for entering a proxy username and password, just enable scripting if you require this, and type:

/world.setalphaoption "proxy_username", "your_name"
/world.setalphaoption "proxy_password", "your_password"

Then save the world. These settings will be remembered for future sessions.

To use a proxy server that does not require authentication, set the proxy_username to nothing (empty).

3. Fixed a bug in trigger matching where if you wanted to match on a colour or style, the trigger routine compared the wrong character (the previous character), thus not matching correctly.

4. Fixed a bug in "text attributes" menu item where the colour shown for the selected text was the character one position before the selection.

5. Fixed bug where if a one-shot timer fired, and there was an error in the script routine it called, then the timer might fire again while you were reading the error dialog box. Then the timer would be deleted (as it was a one-shot timer) however the second execution would then cause MUSHclient to crash as the timer was no longer there. Now, as soon as a one-shot timer fires it is disabled so that it cannot fire again, while the script routine is processing it.

6. Error messages about "unable to connect to world" are now a bit more informative. This is because connecting might involve various phases, eg. connecting to proxy, connecting to MUD, lookup up proxy name (via DNS), lookup up MUD name (via DNS) and so on. Now the error message tells you which phase failed. Obviously there is a difference between the proxy being down, to the MUD being down, and it is useful to know which is the case.

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