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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.34

Version 3.34

Released on 15 Mar 2003

1. Fixed bug where if an alias set a variable, the alias line would not be echoed to the output window. Ditto for aliases that only called a script.

2. Fixed bug where if omitted a line from output, and did a world.colourtell (or world.tell) the colourtell would be on the same line as the next line from the MUD.

3. Fixed a bug where under some circumstances world.colourtell would "bleed backwards" the colour.

4. Changed the behaviour so that if you do this:

- world.colourtell
- get a line from the MUD and omit it
- world.colourtell

The two colourtells will now appear on the same line.

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