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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.33

Version 3.33

Released on 15 Mar 2003

1. Fixed bug where when parsing XML (eg. world file, plugins) if part of the file contained an entity (eg. < ) then the parsing would be a lot slower and consume a lot more memory than was really necessary. This was particularly noticeable where large amounts of text were involved (eg. a script).

2. Fixed bug where "resetting all timers" only reset the main world timers, not plugin timers. This also applies to world.ResetAllTimers script function.

3. Fixed bug where when loading a plugin, its timers would not be reset (and thus would probably all fire immediately).

4. When a timer fires its "time to fire next" is now updated before calling any script routine, so that if the script takes a long time, it won't fire again prematurely.

5. When doing a "convert to regular expression" any characters in the range hex 01 to 1F are "escaped" like this: \x01 .. \x1F. This is so that such characters may be saved into the world file and read back in successfully again.

6. Fixed a bug where if you did a world.Tell or world.ColourTell in a trigger script as the last thing on the line (ie. not followed by a Note or ColourNote) then the last portion of text in that line would be coloured with the default text colour, and the next line of output from the MUD would run onto the note line. Now, text from the MUD will start a new line, even if the last "output" to the output window was a Tell or ColourTell, and the colouring will be correct.

7. Added option to triggers that when you "send to variable" there is now a separate field for the variable name, so that multiple triggers may send to the same variable.

8. Added option to aliases to "send to variable" so that you can use an alias to set a variable.

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