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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.32

Version 3.32

Released on 10 Nov 2002

1. In the plugins dialog box you can now add multiple plugins in one operation (ie. select multiple files from your plugins directory).

2. In the plugins dialog box you can now operate on multiple items at one (ie. reinstall multiple, remove multiple etc.)

3. Fixed bug where if you had "bleed background colour to edge" option set, and were displaying a line with RGB colours (eg. world.colournote) then it would bleed the foreground colour to the edge rather than the background colour.

4. Dialog boxes that show list controls (eg. lists of triggers/aliases) how show grid lines. If you don't like them, you can disable them in the Global Preferences -> General section.

5. Fixed bug where triggers, aliases etc. inside plugins were assumed to be enabled, even if the "enabled="y"" line was not there. However if you reinstalled the plugin during the session then they were assumed disabled. To be consistent with the way it works elsewhere, and internally consistent, all things in plugins are now assumed to be zero (for numbers) or the empty string (for strings).

6. Added "spam prevention" feature. When enabled, this sends an innocous command (you choose it, eg. "look") if you have sent a user-configurable number of identical lines (eg. 20). Some MUDs boot you if you send (say) "north" 20 times, however there are times when doing this is perfectly legitimate. Or maybe in a fight you might type "kick kobold" 20 times.

7. Fixed bug where if you had "bleed background to edge" set, and a non-zero pixel offset for the output window, then when new lines were drawn there would be a small part of the left-hand side which was not drawn correctly, until the window was refreshed.

8. Fixed a bug where if you did a world.colournote after a MUD output line, and "bleed background colour to edge" was set, the wrong colour would bleed to the RH side of the output line (ie. the colour from the note line) as the style change for the colour note was recorded at the end of the output line, not the start of the note line.

9. Fixed bug where if you had a number of lines from the MUD in a single TCP/IP packet, and one of them caused a trigger to fire, and the trigger did a world.note or similar (eg. world.colournote) then the line after the trigger would be coloured in the trigger colour, not the correct colour.

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