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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.30

Version 3.30

Released on 01 Nov 2002

1. There has been a design change for the obtaining of trigger, alias and timer lists (in scripts). Previously GetTriggerList (etc.) would only return unlabelled triggers, as you needed the label to act on them with GetTriggerInfo, EnableTrigger etc.

Now, GetTriggerList (and GetTimerList, GetAliasList) return *all* items, unlabelled ones are given the internal MUSHclient-generated labels. (eg. "*trigger39").

2. Script routines that require trigger, alias and timer labels have had the rules relaxed to allow internal labels (eg. "*trigger39") to be supplied. The exception is if you *add* a trigger, timer or alias. Then you must follow the normal naming rules.

3. Because of this scripts can now act on all triggers, timers, aliases, unlablled or not.

4. Fixed a problem where using SetTriggerOption in a script, while simultaneously editing the trigger in the dialog box, you would not be warned that the trigger had changed.

5. Added support for <afk> tag for MXP.

6. Added support for <var> tag for MXP.

7. Added support for <high> tag for MXP.

8. Added GetEntity script routine, so scripts can query the value of server-generated entities (eg. <!ENTITY foo "bar">

9. Fixed problem where triggers would not fire under certain circumstances, where a "note" line was followed in quick succession by a line from the MUD.

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