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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.29

Version 3.29

Released on 30 Oct 2002

1. Fixed bug where if you had the option "keep commands on the same line" checked, and a trigger was supposed to match the line (eg. a prompt line), and you had typed a command, the trigger would not be processed.

2. Added an "info bar". This is an additional "information bar" initially created above the normal MUSHclient status line. It uses the full screen width, and can be used to show information relevant to what you are doing (eg. current hit points).

The info bar has the following characteristics:

* Shared between all worlds
* Can only be updated from scripting
* Can have multiple fonts, multiple colours, multiple font sizes and styles
* Can be undocked and moved
* Can be hidden or shown (from a script, or from the View menu)

To access the info bar from scripting you can use the following routines:

ShowInfoBar - show/hide info bar
InfoClear - clear info bar contents
Info - add text to info bar in current font, colour and style
InfoFont - change info bar font, size and style
InfoColour - change info bar text colour
InfoBackground - change info bar background (affects entire bar)

Using world.Info to add text to the info bar does not replace existing content. The intention is that you initially use "InfoClear" to remove earlier content, then InfoFont and InfoColour to set up the info bar for the correct font and colour for the *next* piece of text. Then use world.Info to write text in the new font and colour.

3. Added script routines to delete trigger/alias/timer groups:

DeleteGroup - deletes all triggers/aliases/timers in that group
DeleteTriggerGroup - deletes all triggers in that group
DeleteTimerGroup - deletes all timers in that group
DeleteAliasGroup - deletes all aliases in that group

4. Added script routines to get/set individual options for triggers, timers, aliases.

These are:



world.Note world.GetTriggerOption ("mytrigger", "send")
world.SetTriggerOption ("match", 'john goes north")

5. Added option "always_record_command_history" for people who want to record their command history in the history list, even if command echo is suppressed.

6. Added option "copy_selection_to_clipboard" which, when active, automatically copies selected text in the output window to the Clipboard, without your having to select Edit -> Copy (or press Ctrl+C).

7. There seems to be clash in the use of Ctrl+click. Previously Ctrl+Left-click would bring up the "alias menu", but Ctrl+Left-Double-click would select a paragraph. This had the effect that if you had alias menu items, and tried to ctrl+double-click to select a paragraph you would also see the alias menu.

Now, Shift+Double-click will select a paragraph, instead of Ctrl+Double-click.

8. Fixed a problem where the "macro" keys (eg. F2, F3 and so on) would only work if the focus was in the input (command) window. Now they will also work if the focus is in the output window.

9. You can now customise the "quote" string used for quoting text in the Notepad. It previously defaulted to "> " (like for quoting email messages) but is now customisable to any string.

10. Added script options SaveNotepad and CloseNotepad. These let you save a notepad window, or close a notepad window.

11. There is now an option "carriage_return_clears_line". This makes MUSHclient process a \r character (carriage return) as meaning "clear the line contents", so that certain MUDs which send stuff (like the time) and then write over it, will work properly.

To use this you will need to do this, with scripting active:

/world.SetOption "carriage_return_clears_line", 1

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