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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.27

Version 3.27

Released on 18 Oct 2002

1. Updated the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP) ombudsman contact details, as requested by the ASP (it is now a web page, not an email address, as they were getting spammed by emails).

2. Renamed the example Javascript file to exampscript.js (not exampscript.jvs).

3. Changed slightly the way the scripting engine is closed down to hopefully avoid problems.

4. Fixed a bug where if you set the colour to echo commands as "no change", next time you loaded the world it would revert back to custom colour 10.

5. The question "Replace your typing of XXX with YYY?" now has OK/Cancel buttons (so you can press <Esc> if you want to preserve your typing), rather than Yes/No buttons. Also, if you say "OK" and the preference "Save Deleted Command" is set, then the deleted command is now saved in the command history buffer.

6. Fixed bug where if you had a previous command (eg. "look") and you started typing a new one (eg. "laugh") and then pressed up-arrow, you would be asked if you wanted to replace "laugh" by "look" (see previous point). However if you said "no" and then pressed up-arrow again immediately, you were asked "do you want to replace 'laugh' by ''" - in other words, it discarded your previous command history item.

7. When adding an alias that is case-sensitive, you can now have two aliases the same, other than case (eg. "abc" and "ABC"). Previously MUSHclient would object that they were both the same.

8. A link to the MUSHclient functions web page has now been added to the Help menu.

9. Fixed bug where if you had a port number > 32767, it would be written out to the world file as a negative number.

10. Changed the behaviour when receiving IAC IAC (ie. hex FF FF) from the MUD to be treated as a single FF character (ÿ) rather than being discarded, as per the telnet specs.

11. Supports the following ANSI codes:

3: italic
5: slow blink (currently represented as italic)
6: fast blink (currently represented as italic)
22: cancel bold
23: cancel italic
24: cancel underline
25: cancel blink (currently represented as italic)
27: cancel inverse

(eg. ESC [ 22 m )

12. Added support for running under Wine (Wine Is Not an Emulator) for running MUSHclient under Unix. Currently tested under codeweavers-wine-20020904-7.i386.rpm running under Debian 3.0 "Woody" release, using 4.2.1 of the XFree86 XWindows release.

To use this, copy the MUSHclient install across, and run it, eg.

wine mushclient327.exe

Then, once installed, you need to execute MUSHclient with the "/wine" command-line option. eg.

wine mushclient.exe /wine

This inhibits certain things (like COM, OLE, and scripting) that do not appear to be supported under Wine at present. For more details about Wine check out:


Note - the use under Wine is NOT DIRECTLY SUPPORTED. Wine is an "alpha" release product (at present). It may crash or not work correctly. This is very likely a Wine problem and not a MUSHclient one. If you register MUSHclient for use under Wine make sure you register *after* you are sure it works well enough for you.

If there is a bug when running under Wine that cannot be reproduced under Windows I cannot guarantee to fix it, as I don't have any control over the Wine development.

These things will not work under Wine at present:

* scripting
* COM objects (OLE)
* help file
* links to external programs (eg. calling up web pages)

The configuration screens may be off-centre and not correctly labelled on the side, however they will work if you invoke the screen you want from the menu.

Unregistered copies may crash, you may need to enter the registration details into the registry manually (get a copy of regedit.exe and run that).

If MUSHclient crashes, try restarting it.

13. Added support for named "groups" of triggers, aliases and timers.

This lets you "batch up" related triggers, aliases and timers, and enable/disable them as a group, rather than having to do them individually.

At present you cannot add triggers, timers and aliases into groups in the GUI (graphical interface). You need to edit the XML world file and add a line like this:

group="mygroup" <--- add this line

Then you can use one of the following script functions:

world.EnableGroup "mygroup", 0 ' disable entire group
world.EnableGroup "mygroup", 1 ' enable entire group

world.EnableTriggerGroup "mygroup", 0 ' disable entire group - triggers only
world.EnableTriggerGroup "mygroup", 1 ' enable entire group - triggers only

world.EnableAliasGroup "mygroup", 0 ' disable entire group - aliases only
world.EnableAliasGroup "mygroup", 1 ' enable entire group - aliases only

world.EnableTimerGroup "mygroup", 0 ' disable entire group - timers only
world.EnableTimerGroup "mygroup", 1 ' enable entire group - timers only

All of the above functions return a count of how many items were in the group (whether or not they were enabled/disabled before the function was processed).

GUI interface will be added shortly, meanwhile, the above functions will help scripters shorten their work.

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