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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.26

Version 3.26

Released on 20 Aug 2002

1. When using the plugin wizard, the name of the plugin is no longer forced to lower case.

2. Fixed a bug in loading XML world files (including plugins, import etc.) where the "seconds" offset field from the world file was loaded into the "minutes" offset field internally. In other words, a timer with a 5-second offset would become a 5-minute offset (in earlier versions).

3. When using the plugin wizard, the "requires" line is now only written out to two decimal places, to be consistent with normal MUSHclient version numbering (eg. requires="3.26").

4. Fixed bug where when using include files the included data would be overwritten by the main world file.

5. Speedwalk strings may now contain comments in the form { --- any text --- } - this is so you can put things like room names or other information into them. Of course, the comment may not contain the "}" character. There is now a dialog box "add mapper comment" that lets you add comments into the mapper.

6. New option for triggers "make wildcards lower-case". This is for people who are writing triggers that match on (say) "Orc attacks you" when you must send "kill orc" to the MUD (and not "kill Orc", bizarre as that might sound). This option, if enabled, forces all 10 wildcards to the lower-case equivalent.

7. Added small "?" button to certain dialog boxes where you can use special date/time text substitution (eg. log file preamble, recall dialog). This opens a dialog box which shows the substitution characters (eg. %Y for year)

8. Added menu item to take you to the MUSHclient forum page directly from MUSHclient, and added a keyboard equivalent - Shift+Ctrl+Alt+F

9. Added keyboard equivalent for going to the MUSHclient web page - Shift+Ctrl+Alt+W

10. Added new script routine "AddMapperComment" - this is for adding a comment to the automapper.

11. Speedwalk strings may now be multi-line (useful in aliases etc). In other words, you can use newlines in them. They will be ignored when interpreting the string, but make them more readable (see example below).

12. When using the automapper with MXP-enabled MUDs, MUSHclient will automatically add the room name to the mapper (as a comment). This makes it much easier to work out where the mapper is mapping by reading the comments. For example:

{Path through Garden}
{Small Chamber}
{Living Quarters}

The room names appear *after* the direction, in other words, in the example above, going north initially takes you to the room "Courtyard".

For non MXP-enabled MUDs you can achieve the same effect in a couple of ways:

a) Use the "add mapper comment" dialog to manually type in room names when required.

b) Use a trigger to recognise room names (eg. by the colour) and have the trigger call a script that does a world.AddMapperComment to automatically add the comment.

13. Updated the "speedwalk reverse" code to handle comments (see above) and newlines (see above).

14. Added new selector to world.getinfo - 112 - "automapper is active" flag.

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