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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.25

Version 3.25

Released on 09 Aug 2002

1. Fixed bug where if scripting was not active (for the whole world) then an alias in a plugin would not call its script routine. These are really intended to be separate, that is, you don't need to enable "global" scripting for plugins to work.

2. Fixed bug where an alias with "expand variables" set, in a plugin, would expand the global variables, not the plugin variables. Changed to expand the plugin variables.

3. Fixed bug where if you clicked on "Edit Script" in the Scripts configuration dialog multiple times, multiple script windows would open. Now, if the script is already open, that window is merely activated.

4. Added a "Plugin Wizard" which greatly simplifies writing MUSHclient plugins. By invoking it, you can generate a plugin file with selected triggers, aliases, timers and variables from the main MUSHclient configuration, plus your current script file. It automatically adds a unique ID, your name and the current date/time. You merely have to supply the plugin name and purpose, and optionally enter "help" information for the end-user, and comments for your own benefit.

It then writes out a syntactically correct plugin file, and deletes the selected triggers/aliases/timers/plugins from the main MUSHclient file (so you don't have them twice, once in the plugin and once in the main world file).

5. Changed the dialog box that appears if you click "..." for the "send" text for triggers/aliases/timers so that you can enter multiple lines without having to press Ctrl+Enter (and also made the dialog larger).

6. Added an "edit" button to the Variables configuration window, so you can enter lengthy variable contents more easily.

7. Fixed logging so that if logging in HTML with colours is enabled, commands you type are logged in the current command colour.

8. Changed logging configuration so that the preamble and postamble strings now have an "edit" button (labelled "...") so you can more easily set them up.

9. Added a button to logging configuration - "Standard HTML preamble/postamble" - which fills in the preamble and postamble with the recommended text to turn the log file into an HTML page.

10. Added script function "world.LogSend" - this sends the text to the world and logs it to the current log file, if any.

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