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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.24

Version 3.24

Released on 04 Aug 2002

1. Fixed bug where if you have \"Show connect/disconnect\" *and* the \"disconnected\" dialog box, the time shown in the output window will be out if you do not click OK immediately in the dialog box (so if you didn\'t click OK for hours, the time would be hours wrong).

2. Fixed bug where a timer which fired "at" a time (ie. not "every x seconds") was saved as at_time="y" in the XML file, but when read back in was expected to be 0 or 1.

3. Fixed link in credits box to the address of Elizabeth M. Reid's "Cultural Formations in Text-Based Virtual Realities".

4. Fixed problem again where an alias that calls a script, but otherwise sends no text to the MUD, sent a blank line, which made making AFK scripts hard to do. [#428].

5. Added extra selectors to world.getinfo:

56 MUSHclient application path name
57 World files default path (directory)
58 Log files default path (directory)
59 Script files default path (directory)
60 Plugin files default path (directory)

6. Fixed bug where if you checked "double-click sends word" then the option would grey itself out so you could not uncheck it. Now it greys out "double-click pastes word".

7. Did similar code for "double-click pastes word", so if you checked it, it greyed out "double-click sends word" (so they can't both be active at once).

8. Fixed bug where if two triggers matched on one line (and they both called scripts), only one of their scripts would be called.

9. Fixed bug where if an alias was marked as a "menu" alias, then variables would not be substituted (nor the sequence %C processed).

10. Fixed bug where you could not add an alias that had a variable which was a speedwalk. eg.

variable: foo = 4n
alias: match: test
send: @foo
expand variables: checked
speedwalk: checked

11. Added a button to the plugins dialog to let you edit the source file for the plugin (useful for quickly making changes to it). (Keyboard accelerator Alt+E). Changed accelerator for "reload" to Alt+I (changed "reload" to "ReInstall").

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