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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.22

Version 3.22

Released on 18 May 2002

1. Added base64 encoding to passwords, so they can't be read by a simple "browse" of the world file. When MUSHclient writes out a world file the password will be encoded, like this:


However, if you want to put a plain-text password in, you can, by omitting the "base64" attribute. eg.


This is not really encryption - anyone with a small amount of work can get the original password back, but it will protect you from casual viewing of the world file.

2. Auto-detection of XML files now also looks for "<comment" at the start of the file.

3. When copying triggers etc. to the clipboard, the file version number is no longer inserted. This gives a shorter version, more suitable for pasting into emails and web pages.

4. Added script World.GetAlphaOptionList to return alpha (string) option names (eg. "player").

5. Added script World.SetAlphaOption to let you set an alpha (string) option.


World.SetAlphaOption "player", "gandalf"

6. Added script World.GetAlphaOption to let you retrieve an alpha (string) option.


world.note World.GetAlphaOption ("player")

7. Fixed a bug where, when doing world.setoption, if the option required extra processing (for example, changing the font if you set "show_bold"), the extra processing was inadvertently not done.

8. Added another debug option "alpha_options".


/world.debug "alpha_options"

This lists all alpha (string) options (except the player password)

9. MXP entities can now be in the hex form, to be consistent with XML ones. eg.

&#x31; and &#49; are equivalent.

10. MXP parser will now support this syntax, to be consistent with XML:

<br />

This represents an "empty" tag - ie. one that doesn't have closing </br> after it.

11. Added new script routine: World.ColourNameToRGB. This will take a colour name (including in the format "#abcdef" and return the equivalent RGB code.

If the name is invalid, then the value -1 is returned (which cannot be an RGB colour).

12. Added new script routine: World.RGBColourToName. This will take an RGB colour, and return its name - eg. "red" - (if possible) or the HTML equivalent (eg. #010203).

13. Added new script routine: World.Base64Encode. This takes a string and encodes it using the Base64 encoding system. Warning - because of the way text is stored internally (and passed via COM) you cannot encode a string with a NUL character in it.

14. Added new script routine: World.Base64Decode. This takes a Base64-encoded string and returns the original value. If there is a problem with the string (invalid character sequence, or string not mod 4 in length), then a NULL variant will be returned.

15. Fixed bug where, when upgrading from earlier versions of MUSHclient (3.17 or earlier to 3.18 onwards) any "@" in the trigger "send" text got converted to "@@". This was supposed to happen in the "match" text. Sorry about that. I suggest if this has happened to you that you edit the XML world file, look for "@@" in triggers, and convert them back.

For example, if you find:

<send>kill @@target</send>

convert it to

<send>kill @target</send>

The quickest way of doing this would be:

1. Save the world (and close it)
2. Edit the world file in an editor (Notepad for instance)
3. Search for the <triggers> section
4. Once in the <triggers> section, search for "@@".
5. Check that: expand_variables="y"
6. If there is "@@" is in the <send> text, convert it to "@"
7. Stop once you get to the end of the <triggers> section.
8. Save the world file
9. Open it in MUSHclient again.

While you are at it, you might want to convert any "@" in the "match" text to "@@".

To do this:

1. Search for the <triggers> section
2. Once in the <triggers> section, search for : expand_variables="y"
3. If there is "@" is in the "match" text, convert it to "@@"
4. Stop once you get to the end of the <triggers> section.

This will not apply if you are opening a world file created in version 3.17 or earlier.

16. Fixed bug where characters (in aliases, triggers or wherever) in the XML file which had a decimal value of 128 or more (eg. Æ Ø Å) would be rejected.

17. Fixed bug where, when loading an XML file, triggers which matched on colours (eg. white on black, or red on blue) would be changed to matching black on <colour>.

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